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Thursday, March 3, 2011
Upcoming Benefit
We are planning a benefit for our Brother Les Sizemore. Some of you may know Les some might not.He has spent many hours of his time and talents painting our Social Quarters among many other projects that have been accomplished. He has also been a past Officer. He is in need of some extra help and prayers during this time. He will be having surgery soon on his leg, it seems complications might be a problem. Any way he will not be able to work for some time and he has no insurance. So we are going to have a benefit for him. The date has been planned for June 11th, we know this seems a bit far off, but he has a large family and we will need the space outside to accomplish this event. We are planning a dinner, silent auction and raffle items. If you have an idea to help raise money, PLEASE take it to an officer. We are also going to be in need of items for the auction and many people to volunteer for this event so it can be a success.
Monday, May 2, 2011
Moose Member Benefits and Volunteer Energy
If you have natural gas to heat your home, your Moose card may help you to save money on your monthly bill. Michigan Moose partnered with Volunteer Energy. We will have information at the Lodge for you to call and see how this can save you money and help Moose heart and Moose Haven! Below is a letter from a Moose member who switched!

Sean Smith | Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 10:57PM
Well members, I recieved my first bill after switching to Volunteer Energy and they did save me 7% on my gas recovery charges. I was charged 0.549 and DTE's published rates were .58 So I saved about $4.50 this month, times six month for the bad weather of the year. Save $24 for filling out a form. I also helped the Michigan Moose Charities fund while I was at it. Priceless!

Monday, May 2, 2011
From the LOOM
A big Thank you goes out to Shane Crawford for his culinary skills. We all enjoyed the pork loins that he prepared for the Officers Ball! Also Thank You to all the Ladies who prepared the rest of the wonderful meal that we all enjoyed! We may not always agree in our Lodge but the one thing we do great, is to put on a great meal.
They wanted to remind all members that the next couple of months will be busy ones. They are in need of volunteers for the following events. Bass Festival weekend June 3rd-5th. Our Lodge will be helping with this, we need people to help put together a float and to ride and or walk with our entry to pass out candy and stuffed animals. Also in need of candy if you can donate some. This year they are having a Beer tent, we need people to work that on June 4th this will be done in shifts.
Then on Sunday June 5th we host the District meeting,and are in need of helpers for this day as well. Pass dishes will be needed. Please see an Officer if you are able to help out even if it's only for a few hours.
Also we still have Gun Raffle ticket's there are still 8 more guns to be raffled off. Members Please ask friends and Family if they would be interested!! They make great Gifts for that hard to buy for person! Father's Day is coming up soon!
Then on June 11th is the benefit we are hosting for Les Sizemore. If you have any auction items you would be willing to donate, Please bring to the Lodge any time that is convenient.
Thursday, March 3, 2011
Do you shop at Meijers?
Earn Rewards for Mooseheart! This is a painless cost free way to help donate. Whenever You Shop at Meijer, Mooseheart will receive credit for almost all Meijer purchases - groceries, toys, home fashions, jewelry, gas, car wash, C-Stop, Meijer.com purchases. How do I sign up? And for more information Go to www.meijer.com/rewards The Code is ( 931347) Mooseheart Child City Schools Mooseheart, IL 60539
Sunday, January 23, 2011
Gun A Month rollover Raffle
Ticket's are $25.00 each
This ticket is good for the entire year. Each month a gun will be raffled off. If you win your ticket will be put back in for future drawings. Talk about a deal! Tickets are on sale now! Next drawing to be held April 30th at 7:00p.m